Who We are

Roy R. "Robin" Lewis III, MA.,P.W.S.

Roy R. "Robin" Lewis III, has over 40 years of experience in seagrass meadow and mangrove forest mapping, management and restoration in the USA and fifteen foreign countries. Mr. Lewis and colleague Curtis Kruer were also associated with the world's largest and most successful seagrass and mangrove forest restoration project. For example, a total of 134.2 acres (54.3 ha) of seagrass were successfully restored to offset approximately 100 acres (40 ha) of seagrass impacts associated with the replacement of 37 bridges in the Florida Keys, Monroe County, Florida, USA. In Hollywood, FL, 1,250 acres (500 ha) of mangroves were restored under the direction of Mr. Lewis as part of the West Lake Park and Environmental Education Center development.

Curtis Kruer

Mr. Kruer began his professional career in the Indian River Lagoon in the mid-1970s and later spent 11 years working for state and federal wetland regulatory agencies in the Florida Keys beginning in 1977. Restoration and protection of the unique wetland and shallow water habitats of south Florida have been a primary focus of his conservation work as an independent contractor since 1988. He managed the successful Florida Keys Environmental Restoration Trust Fund during the 1990s and led projects to map and eradicate invasive exotic vegetation there. In addition, under contract to state and federal agencies and other entities, Mr. Kruer mapped and described wetland habitats for a keyswide EPA Advanced Identification of Wetlands project, mapped and described terrestrial habitats of the Keys, mapped coral reef ecosystem habitats throughout the Keys, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Biscayne National Park, mapped prop scars for the state boating impact assessment, and mapped and described terrestrial habitats of the Keys. He has assisted in the preparation of litigation and court cases on the state and federal level on numerous occasions and has provided expert testimony in state and federal court in a number of disciplines related to the protection and management of Florida's coastal wetlands and shallow water habitats. In recent years, Mr. Kruer and Coastal Resources Group have assisted with seagrass restoration projects in Tampa Bay and assisted Everglades National Park in defining the extent and significance of the boating impact issue in Florida Bay.